Monday, May 23, 2016


It was VIXX Leo and Ravi

Today was their concert in Mexico for their tour and Ravi suddenly passed out.
N tried to lift Ravi up after he collapsed and called the staffs
Leo and Ken were all dizzy at this point too and at the end they couldn't hold it anymore and went backstage.
Ken decided to come back on stage for their "Love equation" stage but Leo's condition was worse so he decided not to come out at all

Here's the video screencap where Ravi was trying to rap, he looked so worn out

and then Ravi suddenly just collapsed on stage.
He was standing all right and blanked out all of the blue, he fell on his back so I hope his head is okㅠ

Here's N trying to lift Ravi up.
what's more severe is that Leo who witnessed Ravi fainting next to him didn't even have enough strength to help him so he just stood there watching... How worn out he must've been to not even be able to help his dongsaeng out during situations like this... They looked so pitiful

Here is the staff dragging Ravi off stage like he's some kind of corpse, I wonder how the fans felt at this time.. Just looking at the video makes my heart hurt

here's Jelly fish's feedback:
Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment.
Many fans were worried after hearing the news that Leo and Ravi fainted onstage during a concert in Mexico today, so we will update you on the situation.
The concert venue is in the highlands, and that combined with the heat inside the venue led the two members to complain of dizziness. It became clear that the two members could not continue their performance.
In order to fulfill the promise between the members and the fans, the remaining four members will continue their performances to the best of their ability. Right now, Leo and Ravi are receiving emergency treatment from a medical team and are currently recovering. All of Leo and Ravi’s schedules are canceled, and the two will return to Korea to receive treatment at a hospital and rest.
We deeply apologize for worrying the fans

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ㅇㅇ |2016.05.23 15:35 
Leo, Ravi and Ken had it the hardest. Especially Leo, he's the one in charge of all the high notes and Ravi is the only rapper of the team... They're the 2 main vocals of Vixx and the only rapper, they need to breath between songs and on top of that they have to take care of the choreography.... Wow just thinking about that is amazing..

Starlight |2016.05.23 15:18 
I'm really curious so I'll ask something. Does Jelly fish really offer good environment suited for those 180cm tall boys in their 20s? They even fainted on top of that and they didn't do anything.... It's a bad idea to make them do those kind of stage performances in the first place, I hope they take the opportunity to rest

ㅇㅇ |2016.05.23 15:17 
I cried watching him being dragged and not able to stand at the endㅠㅠJelly fish, do your job and let the kids rest ! Have you thought twice about not putting air conditioning in such a hot weather with them dancing in long pants like that

ㅇㅇ |2016.05.23 15:53 
I hope they apologized to the kids instead of doing a public apology like that; Leo has to take care of his musical on top of that and also promote their comeback at the same time. The fans all told him to be more healthy because he was starting to get skinny and this is just like a slap in our face.. Thanks for ruining our 4 years of happiness.. I hope that Ravi and Leo heals fast and that the other members took more care of their health..

ㅂㅂ |2016.05.23 15:37 
I wished to see the kids all healthy for their 4 years event, I don't need any TV programs, just let them rest in Korea


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