Monday, May 23, 2016


On May 8th, there was a crescent Moon hence, the black outfit
On May 15th, it was the waning gibbous hence the grey outfit
and on May 22nd, it was the full Moon hence the white outfit

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1. Hul daebak

2. Goooooosebummpppsss seriously their sense is daebak

3. That's so fascinating, but personally I find their Candy Jelly Love outfits the prettiest

4. ...???? For real? This is jjang interesting

5. As expected Woollim's cordis are goddesses... I'm totally looking forward Infinite's comeback

6. Prettyㅋㅋtheir outfits are always pretty, but I feel like this song would've done better if it was released in another seasonㅠㅠ The timing was so bad..But the song is good

7. This is so fascinating... But I heard this song was pushed back from the original release plan, is it because of this that their outfits are like that... It's summer though..

8. Woollim really know how to choose their cordis..

9. If this is true, then the person who planned that should receive an award


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