Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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1. [+7773, -177]
How many times are Kyunghee university going to change their wordsㅋㅋㅋ  One day they say they left it to the teachers' discretion, the other day they say he violated the rules, they change their minds as often as their underwear...

2. [+ 6467, -384]
Kyunghee university is trash, they always goes this and that didn't they say that they left it to the professor's discretion for PhD's classes?

3. [+4708, -376]
So if they have no rules for admission, do they always leave it to the teachers' discretion?? Is the fact that he breached the rules made up then? Kyunghee university really likes to change their words, I'm so embarrassed. The teacher himself is so funny, he was the one who scheduled their individual interview, so did he tell Jung Yonghwa that he's violating the school's rules? That's such a pathetic university and teacher. And that university rep who went on the broadcast and says a different thing on every interview? They have no honesty and no consistency, they just want to shift all the blame to Jung Yonghwa right? The university and the teachers are so pathetic

4. [+3291, -1161]
They didn't even have entrance rules in the first place. Jung Yonghwa who followed the dean's directions is the real victim here. The commoners have to pass those phone interviews, video interviews and real-life interviews, but they purposely gave special treatment to Jung Yonghwa because he's a celebrity and made it unfair!

5. [+2290, -385]
So who's the one who's saying that he did violate the rules??? At first, they said that they would give a brief of the interview, why are they changing their minds as they wantㅡㅡ  They're seriously the worstㅡㅡ  That's how you know celebrities are professionals Wow they're seriously amazingㅡㅡ  The results aren't even out yet, they're too much. Why are they using a concert picture??? I'm never sending my kids to this school

6. [+848, -81]
Kyunghee university are such cowards... They hide behind their students and change their words..

7. [+760, -42]
"He did violate the rules, but I never knew that this would become that problematic".... I can't believe these words are coming out from a teacher's mouth

8. [+666, -68]
Yah Kyunghee university got all famous because they have a celebrity entering their university, and they're all over the news, so now that they're in the spotlight, they're changing their words.

9. [+614, -37]
Kyunghee university is slowly showing how they have no principlesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


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