Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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Hi, I'm writing this because I'm really confused now. 

First, I live with my dad, mom, and my younger brother. I've worked for about 4 years since my graduation. My brother takes his master degree. My dad is a freelancer worker, so he will get pay when he has work. Lately, my mom is sick and stopped working, so basically we live majority from my salary, because my job is the most stable one.

I have to take care my mom because of her condition. 

I told my parents that I want to attend a fan meeting of my bias group. 
When I told my parents about it, (the event will held in three months again) my dad immediately got angry at me and I fought with him. 
At that time, my parents, (actually my dad) opposed my wish, because the ticket is very expensive in their opinion. 
I felt really angry and sad about that, i felt really desperate. 

I thought that I could buy the ticket with my money, and I even looked for the transportation to got there. 
My brother didn't oppose my will, but he just thought that the ticket was really expensive. 

My dad didn't talk to me since this happened. 
I got frustrated for about a week, there were many thought that came to my mind, but in the end, I made the decision to give up to not attend to that event. 

Three months go by, and suddenly my brother texted me that he will go to another island to spend his holiday. 
When i read his text my mind just felt confused, my thoughts from three months ago just came again and I suddenly felt it was unfair. 
If my brother can go to holiday to other island, why can't I attend that fan meeting? 

Fyi, 4 months ago my brother went to his favorite band concert (the ticket is cheaper than that fanmeeting ticket though) but he could go anywhere he wanted to spend his holidays
but I am just stuck at home, because I have to take care of my mom. 

I feel that I should talk about that unfairness, but I don't want to get into fight with my dad again. 
And I don't mean that I'm opposed to my brother wish, I'm really happy he is able to have fun in another island, but on the other side, I just feel unfair. What should I do?

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