Thursday, February 8, 2018


Their double standards towards male idols is too much

1. Male idol

(confirming L as a lead)

"Myungsoo-yah fighting!"
"Actor Kim Myungsoo fighting!! I will support the judge of visuals"
"Kim Myungsoo <3 <3"
"Kim actor, fighting"
"Kim Myungsoo fighting"

(Announcing IU as a lead)

"Ah...Can IU stop acting, can't she just stick to singing..."
"Not digging the story.... It's an outdated scenario"
"Please let's just stick to singing?"
"Please stop appearing in dramas, it's about a 20 years old girl with a 4 years old man, just thinking about their relationship he probably rapes her and she sues him, then goes "I like you" and turns out she's a ggot-baeng. This country's dramas are a fail"
"IU already looks like she's acting in real life, so when she's acting, it looks even more that she's acting"
"The lead is too severe"

2. female vs male idols

Kai: To be honest it didn't look that hard

On Happy Together, Yerin was saying how hard her dances were and danced in front of everyone, then Kai made that comment
But in the end, Yerin was the one who ended up getting sworn atㅋ 
Because she dragged Afterschool and Girls day sunbaesㅋㅋ
Gfriend were always known for their hard choreography, and as soon as they comeback, there are always talks about them being hard.
So Kai's comment was a bit ignorant

3. Typo fiasco
(basically a post pointing out all the writing mistakes Jimin made)

And the best comments:

*What are you doing to my brats?*
"Please try to be less obvious with your hate, don't feed the troll"

And when Suzy makes a writing mistake

The best comments

"Not for nothing that she got into a controversy with the way she talks in award shows...Personally I don't think she can act"
"Gathering all that together, it's amazing lol It's hard to be that bad"

To be honest, both of them made the same kinds of mistakes in my opinionㅋㅋ 

Not only that but

Male idols are a bit ugly
- He's a stan attractorㅜㅜ mochi mochi
Female idols are a bit ugly
- How can she be in a girl group?

Male idols are short
- Shortie so cute!!
Female idols are tall
- She's so tall that it's burdensome..

Foreign male idols
- Look at how clumsy he is with Korean...Cute
Foreign female idols
- How long has she been in Korea already, she still speaks like this?

post response:
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ㅇㅇ |2018.02.08 02:37 신고하기
I can prove I'm an EXO-L, you're actually wrong with the Yerin incident, it was other male panelists who started, but they only put the captions on the screen when Kai spoke and it looked like Kai was the one dissing her. It was EXO's comeback the following week and Kai got so much sworn at but we just bit the bullet. Yerin was the one who mentioned the other girl groups and she got bashed by those groups' fans, did EXO-Ls do anything wrong? Ha... I"m so speechless, those panelists were the ones who set up the mood and Kai just responded because he got induced to do it. Kai was the one who clapped the most when Yerin was dancing, so why are we only dissing him? Is it just because he's from EXO?

ㅇㅇ |2018.02.08 00:35 신고하기
But even male groups fans have it hard because they're male idols fans.. Their mentality is challenged everyday, being an idol fan is an extreme job no matter who. 

ㅇㅇ |2018.02.08 02:31 신고하기
But Yerin is the one who said that her dances were harder than other girl groups and personally, I didn't find her dance that hard either? And Jimin got f*cking dissed for his writing mistakes too, what are you saying?

ㅇㅇ |2018.02.08 00:07 신고하기
What, so you're saying that male idols fans = diss female idols? What a strange mind

ㅇㅇ |2018.02.08 00:30 신고하기
As long as male idols have good proportions they go "He's damn fine" but when female idols are tall, they start judging their big face, neck length, small shoulders, waist size, leg line, etc. it's seriously so severe;;

ㅇㅇ |2018.02.08 00:21 신고하기
This doesn't only apply to celebrities. Politically speaking, the general society is just more severe towards girls ㅋㅋㅋBefore our country decides to do something for women, it'll take another 50 years


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