Wednesday, March 7, 2018


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1. [+2061, -25]
BigHit thank you. They're giving us 2 MVs from his mixtape

2. [+1747, -20]
J-hope~ Airplane was released out of the blue yesterday night and the whole world was shockedㅎㅎ  There's already 4M views for a free single ㅠㅠ

3. [+1639, -22]
Bighit is good at work. J-hope is cool!!!!!

4. [+1542, -23]
Never expected to see 2 MVs. I opened my eyes this morning and went Hul~~ J-hope is too cool. BTS, I'm looking forward your next album. Bighit thank you!

5. [+1287, -16]

6. [+323, -4]
Seriously there's no other agency likes Bighit... Usually solo acts from a group only receive 1 MC and they're releasing 2 MVs for a mixtape... I wonder if they'll do the same for RM and Suga... As expected... They don't think about the money that they can easily earn, there's so much to learn from Bighit.

7. [+251, -3]
That's right, AugustD also had 2 MVs, and Airplane too but I really wish they would release a dance on Baseline(?)~~ I know I'm greedy, I'm already very thankful to Bighit


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