Wednesday, March 7, 2018


On March 6, a netizen shared a shocking post on an online community board and revealed she was sexually assaulted by a popular idol star 'A'. 

The netizen first said, "#MeToo movement is going viral nowadays and I'm wondering why your name has not been mentioned.

She then explained her devastating experience, stating, "On a winter day in the year when I was moving up to middle school from 6th grade, at Jangwi-dong PC Bang, you told me you had something to tell me and asked to meet. You told me to follow you and took me to the bathroom. You locked the door and pretended to whisper something in my ear but actually licked it instead."

The netizen continued, "You threatened to spread rumors if I scream or try to run away. I started avoiding you afterward." 

"You told me (via messenger) that you would tell what happened on that day to everyone if I don't send you a nude photo of me. I was so afraid and scared that I sent you the picture. I dearly begged you not to spread rumors."

The netizen then shared she heard about 'A's plans to debut as an idol. She was relieved to hear this, as he wouldn't be able to do much with her nude photos with an idol status. She said, "I switched the channel whenever you appeared on TV" and "I know there are many other girls who have experienced this. I'm just wondering why your name has not been mentioned in the #MeToo movement."

The post went viral and the alleged victim ended up deleting the post. In a new post, she stated, "I don't think I have the confidence yet to reveal his name. I don't have any evidence but I know several other friends who were assaulted like me." And lastly added, "I don't want a lot. All I want is one word of apology."


original post: here

1. [+12,371, -1407]
Kang Dongho is already charged with sexual harassment and he's also currently promoting

2. [+7588, -256]
Ft Island?? The one dating Son Yeonjae??

3. [+5303, -113]
Wow daebak  He must be restless right now

4. [+4048, -136]
Netizens investigation team, let's get to work

5. [+3221, -121]
I wonder who it is...

6. [+2234, -269]
Why isn't Kang Dongho reflecting?? He's even receiving prosecution for that, it's a severe case, but the fangirls are all shielding him so he was able to continue to live the singer life

7. [+1681, -41]
That idol who dates the athlete...? The Ft Island guy who dates Son Yeonjae... There's no one else but him

8. [+1741, -259]
That Nu'est kid committed sexual harassment in middle school at his academy

9. [+1522, -256]
Journalist nim, please write an article about Kang Dongho too. He's being prosecuted right now, I don't want to see him promoting;;

10. [+1233, -32]
That ex-boyfriend who's in a band and dated a gymnast


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