Wednesday, March 7, 2018


I’m a kpop fan of 10 year’s living in NY. 
I started liking kpop when I was 13 and have been enjoying the genre ever since. 
Over the years kpop fan culture has changed so much but one thing I've noticed has stayed the same....
Some people look down on me for being multifandom? (Multi-fandom: Stanning/liking more than 1 group at a time.) 
For people who look down on me because I like a lot of groups...why? 
How is it even possible to only listen to/ like one artist for your whole life when there’s so much good music out there?
According to Spotify, the average listener age for kpop in the United States is 24

Doesn’t this mean that many kpop fans in the US have been supporting their favorites for many years? 
The first group I ever stanned was BIGBANG, then 2NE1. 
When I started college I fell for Winner and GOT7 and now I’ve added Monsta X, Seventeen, KARD, NU’EST and so much more to that list. 
Why is it that when I explain how many groups I like single group stans see me as not being loyal? I’m loyal once I like a group, I don’t leave the fandom regardless of scandal or popularity fluctuations. 
And most of all I support the groups. I buy albums, I go to concerts, I watch their videos etc. 
I never slander other groups and I just enjoy the music. 
Please don’t look down on fans like me. 
We have big hearts and we’re older so we have bigger wallets, no? lol 
Regardless I will continue supporting my favs as well as the others I did not mention.

 I hope they all succeed in 2018!

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