Thursday, April 5, 2018


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1. [+1178, -154]
I knew it'd end up like this. No matter the gravity of the case the most important is to go according to the laws, we almost convicted an innocent person here. Because this case got dragged lengths, the internal affairs also became more complex.. You suffered a lot. I hope you will show us your hardworking side on stage again

2. [+1080, -136]
This took way too long. You must've been hurting so much. Please sleep peacefully tonight. I will support you

3. [+905, -137]
Jinki-yah I love you, I always believed in you, I'm always thankful, let's see your smile again!!! Finish your tour and come back, I love you

4. [+829, -131]
Jinki-yah I love you, finish your concerts and come back!!

5. [+824, -120]
As expectedㅜㅜ!!! You must've suffered a lot in the mean time, let's breath again.  He's been cleared of his charges through the law

6. [+307, -21]
You must've suffered this whole time. Let's finally leave everything behind, I always knew that the conclusion would be like this, I'll always support you. Let's keep walking as 5 members. There will be rough times but remember there are a lot of people supporting you. Let's see each other for a long time I love you Jinki-yah

7. [+297, -22]
In the end there was no big deal. Just because he was an idol they made the situation so much bigger tsk tsk find strength and promote well


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