Monday, April 23, 2018


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Hi PC-tizens :D! We always see comments about this or that thing about K-pop or Korea is ridiculous (especially on those "idols with the prettiest ___" ) but I wonder what are the aspects about K-pop that surprised you or that you didn't understand when you first got into K-pop and now are somewhat used to? As for me, I liked Japanese idols for the longest time so what surprised me the most was: - The "visual". Since English isn't my first language either at first I'd be like "what's a visual, is it the person that will have their face everywhere on the group's goods, the one that has the best eyesight???". When I learnt that it was basically the most "good-looking" member I wondered who came up with it. - The rapper position. It was surprising to see almost every group with a person who'd practically only rap which meant that almost all songs had to have a rapping part. Heck, I was surprised that roles in a group were so clearly defined (with the main, lead and sub). - Aegyo. It's more of a Korean thing and acting cute is nothing new but seeing so many hosts asking idols to act all cutesy that makes me want to hide in a hole while watching them was...something I wasn't used to. Especially the whole baby talk done by grown-up men and women. - The idols' pressure and lack of freedom. Ok, I know, for someone who likes Japanese idols and their strict dating bans, it's very ironic. The thing is, being an idol in Japan still looks more like a job while it looks like a lifestyle for Korean idols. They're constantly watched, living in dorms, have to watch their weight, everything they do or say. They're constantly put down for everything and can hardly be taken seriously as singers, actors or entertainers because they're idols. I have much more to say about this point but it'd be really long. So, I'm curious! What surprised you the most and made you think "what the heck" when you first entered the fandom? I want to hear your opinion :D

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