Monday, May 28, 2018


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1. [+7812, -230]
I see people sympathizing with him and hating on him every 10 seconds I click here.. I'm f*cking pissed off

2. [+5545, -61]
I'm saying this just in case you will say something like that, you don't have to repay in music

3. [+1888, -44]
Should've just stick to being a good rapper

4. [+1875, -52]
So he pretends to be all cool when he raps so he wanted to try taking a puff and it was f*cking delicious? That's what he confessed?

5. [+1258, -65]
Ah I'm so disappointed, seriously he was a rapper I liked a lot. He's not Cjamm anymore but Marijuanajam ㅠ ㅠ

6. [+382, -6]
What happened to the Cjamm who used to frequent the same church as Bewhy and used to receive all the praises for his raps innocently?

7. [+278, -12]
E-sens too rightㅋㅋ  He said that as soon as he opens his mouth 20 rappers would go to prison for smoking marijuana

8. [+276, -18]
He's not even some hobo rapper, he was genuinely liked by so many people and he was unbeatable, whatever he wanted to do, he could do it. But he kicked his own luck off the window by smoking marijuana in Korea

9. [+208, -6]
I wanted him to walk the same road as Behwy.... Damn disappointed

10. [+167, -4]
So he didn't think it would be an embarrassment to his little sister..?? Sigh


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