Monday, May 28, 2018

[PC stories/teen stories] MY CLASSMATE BECAME A TRAINEE

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Note/Caution: A lot of swearing, pessimistic af Do you ever feel like some people don't deserve what they get? Ah, the world's unfair. I know. I just still can help but feel salty. My classmate is a boy. We're in 3rd year of middle school. We're Thai. That's all the personal information I'm giving. So now to why I seem so salty. This dude, really is something. He doesn't study. He's lazy. He's childish. He and his group trashed my group's fucking model. Fuck him. I need to calm down.... So basically, he was a lazy piece of shit. Wasn't that I was an angel, but his ass seriously doesn't deserve this opportunity. At least let him reflect. Actually, if I recall correctly, he's one of the dudes who took a selfie infront of and incoming train on an open railway too. How fucking dumb. Wow. I really sound salty right now lmao He couldn't sing. He definitely couldn't rap. He could dance quite well, but had no presence. He had recklessness.... good thing? Nah. Didn't think so. I just can't come to except the fuck that if this fucktard who did nothing and fucked around would debut and have a bunch of fangirls cooing at him being all "He's so cute my babyyyyy." I just can't. I just despise his ass for doing practically nothing, be a show-off, and be a trouble maker but then get success from fangirls loving him. Call me salty. Call me petty. I still fucking hate his shitty ass And seems like I didn't curse as much as I thought I would

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