Monday, May 28, 2018


Seolhyun was asked why she followed Yoo Ah-in, Yoo Byungjae, IU, etc. on SNS and if it had to do with feminism as she followed F(x)’s Luna at the same time to which she replied:
“I actually just thought that I followed too many people and that I should clean up my followings a bit, but then I stopped right away when I saw the rumors that started forming. Since people started to shift their attention [to me deleting my followings], I couldn’t touch it anymore.” Regarding questions about women’s rights, she answered “I’ve always had a lot of interest towards social issues so I try my best to hear everyone’s opinion”

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1. [+484, -51]
That’s it, she was unfollowing people without thinking about anything but people were reading through her actions which only made Seolhyun uncomfortableㅋㅋ what “excuse”?

2. [+254, -35]
She’s a feminist but in the journalist’s picture, it’s like she’s objectifying women

3. [+143, -57]
Fact: Seolhyun unfollowed IU but the ones tormenting IU on her Instagram are all bugs from male galleries

4. [+62, -10]
No but I’ve seen a lot of cases where celebrities would follow and unfollow each other but people just want to believe what they want

5. [+51, -9]
I support you~

6. [+16, -1]
She’s a feminist but she has to objectify women to make money. She has a lot of interest in social issues but she doesn’t really know who Kim Ddokkang is

7. [+16, -1]
That’s it, she didn’t even have any meaning behind unfollowing people. She just wanted to follow people that she was closer with but people were making a fuss over it and even went to attack people she unfollowed.


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