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Hello, I’m a woman in my early 30’s.
I’m getting stressed out a lot nowadays so I wanted some adviceㅠㅠㅠ
If I can put this simply,
I have a boyfriend and we will be celebrating our 8th year anniversary for our marriage next year.
We used to be friends before and had a relationship of 5 months ish?
Originally, we were friends for a long time and compared to the other girls,
I liked gaming and manhwa a lot, I went to manhwa-bangs and PC-bangs and we also had similar taste in food and hobbies. So we just naturally hung out together. (There was another friend with us and the 3 of us would hang out together a lot.)
When he confessed to me, I had a lot of thoughts about it. He was very understanding of the difficulties I had with my family and was very kind. I don’t mind not wearing makeup when I see him and we're comfortable with each other. Our moms and families are on good terms. So I also worried about if ever we break up, would we still be good friends?
So in the end, we ended up dating.
We were just fine as friends but I started to think about getting married (I usually am terrified of getting into a relationship). We weren’t a lovey dovey couple nor did my heart beat so quick that I wanted to see him all the time but when we were together, it was very comfortable and we spent good time with each other.. and he was a good boyfriend….

T/N: For people who are confused below, they are married but she goes back and forth talking about how she decided to marry him. She refers him as her "boyfriend" although they are married

But nowadays, something happened…
My boyfriend… started doing aegyo…
You might think “What’s the big fuss about something so trivial??”..
I seriously… I seriously hate it when guys do aegyo..
Especially those fake lisp sound when they call you “honey~~ honey~~ ”, etc.
My boyfriend doesn’t really do that but he does the lisp…
Seriously, it’s not like those idols you fangirl on that makes you go “kyah!!! So cute!!!” it’s just something that I can’t bring myself to look at….
It’s not that he looks ugly so he doesn’t suit aegyo!!
I just hate lisps!!!
There are a few times when he looks cute doing it, such as when he does something cute without thinking about it.
(Like when he trips by accident, or other non-deliberate actions)
Seriously, when he calls me when he’s drunk and starts using aegyo, I really strongly just want to break up on the spot. (It’s just such a turn off… I’ve actually already broke up with one of my exes because of his aegyo)
Also, I’m not someone who drinks…
Most of people drink and then start talking about things that they won’t even remember the next day.
So when my boyfriend calls me in when he’s drunk, he starts saying all this gibberish and also start faking his lisp!!!
He knows that I hate it when people call me while being drunk.
I even begged him to stop doing that
It’s just annoying…
But then he started being all sad when I talked to him about it….
He said that he just wanted to hear my voice so he called me and said that I was too much…
Nowadays, he just starts faking his lisp out of the blue.
Seriously, I just want to shout out loud…
I seriously can’t bear through it anymore!!ㅜㅜ
I don’t want to get mad at him and don’t want to get into a fight…
I know that I’m being too serious about something that isn’t a big deal…
But no matter how I think about it….ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ I just think that I’ll explode into a big fight if I keep on enduring it…
How can I tell him without him being sad?....

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ㅇㅇ |2018.08.06 18:04 신고하기
You have to make sure to tell him that you like him but that you really hate people who do aegyo. It’s not that you hate him, you hate ‘aegyo’. Is there something that he hates but that other people like? For example, maybe he hates cucumbers, but others are fine with it. You have to tell him in this way. I think that you telling that you like other things about him but aegyo will help.

알러지 |2018.08.03 23:27 신고하기
Seriously repulsive… I used to date this anchovy who wore glasses and who only had the height part going for him. Sometimes, he would start twisting his body and go “aaanggg~”. Seriously, even thinking about it while sleeping makes me annoyed so I just wake up right away. I still regret those days now

캐리 |2018.08.06 16:54 신고하기
I think that it’s not that you don’t like aegyo, but that you just don’t like your boyfriend that much? So that’s why you hate things like aegyo

ㅇㅇ |2018.08.06 18:30 신고하기
I don’t think that you guys are a match. I just don’t think that you guys should’ve gotten married. Looks like your boyfriend uses aegyo as a way to express himself, such as doing aegyo when he’s drunk. But when he uses aegyo, you tell him to stop so he gets frustrated because you’re not letting him express his emotions. Anyways, I don’t think that you guys are a match.

저기 |2018.08.04 16:20 신고하기
Whether it’s men or women, aegyo is only good when done in moderation. It’s a turn off when it’s done excessively


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