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Fan: What would you do if you get bullied at school?
Lin: This is not a secret to anyone, I actually got bullied at school. How to deal with bullying, that's a very good question. I will speak from experience. Wait. Actually, I never spoke a lot during middle school, so I didn't get along with the alumni. So I wouldn't say that it was bullying, but rather, I was ostracized.

How did I endure at that time? I will share my experience. This is the way I look at it. The kids (who ostracized me) taught me something. It was by violent means, anyways, I found a way to learn from it, how it was the law of jungle. So that I could adjust to the life in society more easily later on.

They helped me adapt to any kind of environment faster. You can learn from good people, just like you can learn from bad people. They taught me that I can't act like them. The reason why I'm saying this while smiling is because I'm very thankful to those people.

Although they were violent and they were at wrong with their actions, I don't hate them. Rather I'm thankful. Because they taught me something. Because I already learned how to go through in society

Baby... I didn't know that he had it like that, he's so mature
And he suddenly started to speak in Chinese, but I didn't know what he was saying and later on, I learned that he was translating everything for the Chinese fans.. In case they were hurt
There are so much things we can learn from 18 years old Guanlin ㅠㅠ

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Even though the victim and the assailant eventually resolve their conflict, the victim will forever live with the scar in their lives, to be able to forgive those people at his age isn't something easily achieved. Lai Guanlin just showed how much of a mature person he was.

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I'm going to add this one too  ㅠㅠㅜ Seriously although he's 18 years old, he's just so mature
(t/n: basically what was written above, but phrased in another way)
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Today, Lai Guanlin made me think a lot about my life, I really liked it ㅠㅠ
Q: what do you think of school?
A: I think it's a good place, not only for learning new things, but also how to get along with people. However, I think that the problems you encounter in society cannot be learned at school. Whenever there's a conflict that arise in school, there is always a divide between the person who is right and the person who is at fault, however in society, it's not about who's right and who's wrong, but simply that 2 people's opinions don't match. 

Q: How did you find your hobby?
A: If you want a hobby, you need to try everything first. I know that there are people who think they won't like it even before trying. You haven't even tried it, how do you know it won't work? You can end up liking it, so all you need to do is try. 
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Seriously ever since he was on Produce, his mentality and mannerism compared to his age are far more advanced....

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I want to make a collection of Guanlin's wise sayings, from what he said during V-live today and during his HK interview ....
"School will give you a clear "who is at fault and who is right" but in society, the boundaries are blurred and the cause of the conflict is usually resulted from a mismatch"
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The 3 wise men of the Orient : Confucius, Mencius and Guancius 


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