Monday, August 6, 2018


The confirmed groups are Wanna One, Twice, Seventeen, Red Velvet, etc.
The MCs will be announcer Jun Hyunmoo, Super Junior Leeteuk and Twice Nayeon.
They will be filming on the upcoming Monday (20th) and on the 27th for 2 days.

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1. [+325, -11]
Leave Wanna One alone…. *boiling boiling*

2. [+116, -2]
They will have Smile Con on the 21st and their Taiwanese concert on the 26th;;; let them rest a bit

3. [+75, -1]
Ah crazy, what is this BS? You’re gonna make our kids run in this weather?;; If you want to keep this program going, what about you guys run?ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ this can’t be… ah…

4. [+71, -4]
Seriously hate this. They just came back from overseas but why IAC out of everything else?

5. [+71, -8]
Nayeon, fighting

6. [+21, -1]
Wanna One isn’t even done with their world tour, putting this while they are touring is too much

7. [+16, -2]
Who even likes IAC? I hope they just cancel this program. Wanna One is so tired due to their world tour so do they have to go on IAC on top of it?... That’s too much ㅜㅜ


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