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“He said that his penis couldn’t go in, so he took a pocket knife and ripped it part”… Comfort women, shocking testimony of a victim

The documentary about comfort women who were slaughtered in Japan was diffused for the first time and it shed light on the story of grandmother Kim Youngsook.

Born in 1927 in Pyongan, Kim Youngsook was only a 13 years old when she got taken by a Japanese sergeant and forced to live a comfort woman’s life for the next 5 years.

The place where Kim was taken to was a Japanese military base in Shinyang, China. At that place, she was forced to look at 20 people out of 25 getting killed.

The Japanese soldiers told her “yah, this Chosun b*tch is pretty beautiful. Let’s play with her a bit” and forced her to sleep with them.

Kim shouted “mother, mother!” and was begging them but the Japanese officer  tied her up and dragged her into a room.

The 13 years old Kim was beaten up so brutally in that place in a way that people can’t even imagine.
The Japanese officer also tried putting his penis in Kim. He said that he couldn’t put it until the end so took a pocket knife and teared her Kim’s vagina apart.
Concerning the events of that time, Kim said “I fainted so I don’t have memories of it.”

That wasn’t all. The traces of the cruel crimes of the Japanese soldiers still remain all over Kim’s body.
The Japanese soldiers said “if you don’t know how great the Japanese are, I will have to eat your liver” and then stabbed her with the knife.
She also got stabbed in the chest while running around the room in fear, and got mercilessly stabbed on her shoulders and back leaving scars all over her body.

They stepped on the knees of Kim who was struggling, breaking her legs.
When asked about the names of her offenders, she answered without hesitation “officer Kanemura and Nakamura”
Even after decades, she still remembers it vividly. And we can finally get a glimpse of the grudge she holds.

In the end, Kim passed away in 2010 without ever hearing an apology from the Japanese military.
Netizens couldn’t contain their rage after hearing Kim’s heart breaking testimony.

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1. I’m seriously pissed off…

2. Seriously, I’m so mad…

3. I was seriously appalled by the title (T/N: the title is actually “He said that his penis couldn’t go in, so he took a pocket knife and ripped it part”)

4. Ah seriously… ah…

5. Ha…. Even trash wouldn’t be able to do these things…

6. Ah I couldn’t even bring myself to read the whole thing… I’m so mad

7. Seriously, I’m speechless…

8. Ah… I’m so pissed off. Are these humans or beasts?

9. I’m seriously tearing up…. How can humans do such things?

10. They did all of these but never apologized. I hope that they get punished 


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