Monday, November 5, 2018

[PC stories] MY SHORT LIFE

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Hello, I’m really short. 148 cm. This is my height and i’m not growing for sure anymore. I feel like my height prevents me from doing things?.. The average height in my country is pretty high, female 168, male 180. I sometimes feel uncomfortable when socializing. My classmates and i would talk with each other and i would be the only really short one. Also, i can’t enjoy the nightlife.. i feel like everyone looks at me and my height. It makes me insecure because people will think that i’m young while i’m not! I don’t want to be seen as a kid... Same goes for applying for jobs. I get worried that i won’t get hired because of this ridiculous height... it is part of me but i still can’t seem to accept it. Does anyone relate to this? Ps. Yes i wear heels

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