Friday, October 11, 2019

[teens stories] NO BUT WHY IS BANG YEDAM IN YG...

I just suddenly got super pissed; If he was in another company, he would've released how many songs already? Seriously, he's so pitiful for not being able to leave a company like that... I was recommended a video from Treasure Box and his voice color was seriously f*cking nice

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1. [+66, -24]
But the frustrating thing is that somehow, I don't think that I can't think of any other companies than YG who will be able to save Bang Yedam..

2. [+61, -6]
Bang Yedam is seriously a fraud.. His voice was so my style in his Shawn Mendez cover and he has a good sense of rhythm. Even when he sang Love Yourself, he was totally covering Wang Gunho and sang f*cking well His high-pitched ad lib meshed well with the song. Only Bang Yedam is able to sing a song in an exciting way without any arrangement. Back then, I found his high notes charming but now, his middle range, low notes and high notes are all charming. His singing is solid.. the most unfortunate thing that happened to him was to be born in Korea and to join YG

3. [+58, 0]
Seems like he's been a trainee for such a long time

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They already decided on the members to debut and they already got their team name, they just can't debut because of all the controversies

5. [+16, -3]
YG's specialty is to rot their gems. Look at Lee Hi, she couldn't release any albums. Even iKON Bobby, he won SMTM and to be honest, he played a big part in making underground hip hop more public-friendly. But YG never gave him any activities as a solo rapper...

6. [+14, -2]
But the pitiful thing is that YG has invested hundreds of millions of won in him


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