Friday, October 11, 2019


T/N: best movie of 2019

Empire: 5 stars
Best movie made in the past 10 years. A masterpiece that can tear down hero movies

IGN: 5 stars
The best comic-based movie that lightly surpasses the impression of Dark Night

Washington Film Stage: 5 stars
A masterpiece! Joaquin Phoenix's best work of his lifetime

The Film: 5 stars
A name was inscribed in the highest place of the Oscar's Best Male Actor Award. Joaquin Phoenix

The Guardian: 5 stars
A fresh variation to the King of Comedy. Joaquin stood out more than Robert

Hollywood Reporter: 5 stars
Joaquin Phoenix humbled Hollywood. He's a God.

etc etc.

Times: 2 stars
A movie that beautifies white trash. I can just see Joaquin Phoenix

Minnesota Daily: 2 stars
Overrated movie. There's no opponent to take Joaquin's madness

Cineview: 2 stars
Typical white maniac and pitiful victim ensemble, I'm more looking forward to Harley Quinn

NY Box: 2 stars
A disharmony between incompetent women and a deified Joker. Women are not weak

Cine Cocteau: 1 star
The origin of the Joker is unexpectedly simple. A Joker without Batman is just boring

Top Critique: 1 star
Joaquin Phoenix' one-man show. Felt like a movie in the 90's, completely countrified

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1. The reviews are polarized but the thing we can all agree on is that Joaquin hard carried this

2. I didn't like the movie

3. First of all, the actor was so good at acting

4. I was so looking forward to this, now I'm worried ㅠㅠ

5. The movie seems boring but Joaquin's acting looks solid so I'm looking forward to it

6. Please release it here already, I wanna watch it

7. His acting seems so good

8. It looks so boring

9. Seeing how the opinions are so divided makes me wanna watch it for sure

10. The reviews are polarized but everyone gave good comments about Joaquin ㅋㅋㅋ


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