Friday, October 11, 2019


 Blackpink, are they the 21st century's pretentious aristocrates?
YG again? Manners maketh man

"Universal star" BlackPink in a controversy again, let's not forget YG

BlackPink Jennie, leisurely releases picture "No apology for tardiness"

BlackPink tardiness controversy, let's not apologize, but let's post on IG
BlackPink Jennie, no apology over tardiness --> constantly updates IG "Controversial"

"Unapologetic" BlackPink, you have to love our power trip too

"NO to apology, YES to SNS" BlackPink Jennie, showing off whereabouts

Event's related person "The truth behind BlackPink's tardiness... Wonder why they said it's not"

It's wasn't even an event where you had a 1st part and 2nd part, but an open event

Those are BlackPink's fans claims

1. BlackPink were supposed to only appear on the second half = false
They were swearing at the fact that the journalists were being trash 
They were claiming that BlackPink had to arrive at 12:30 for the second part, but the fact was that they were supposed to arrive at 11:55

The fans claimed that Adidas were the ones who organized a part 1 part 2 event = false
That's only the way they promoted the event saying that tehre were 2 events, not 2 parts

2. The fans claimed that Beckham was the one who came earlier so he waited for them = false

The event's representative mentioned "This time, the event was not separated as part 1 part 2. It's one event where you had to line up first come first serve from the morning
After BlackPink arrived late, the event organizers went to call Beckham again so they couldn't go on stage right away. Because Beckham was already off stage it took time to call him back on stage

The fans used those pictures to insist that they arrived earlier and were in their waiting area to wait for Beckham
but because BlackPink arrived late, they had to go get Beckham who was in his waiting area and make him come on stage again, so this is why they were waiting there

They said that they weren't late and proved there by saying that at 11:27, the manager was there 

But BlackPink's fans officially saw BlackPink after 12PM

The fans are still insisting that since their event was at 12:30 and they arrived at 12:15, they weren't technically late
However, it's also a fact that the fans have faked about the time, but journalists since then have kept on posting proofs that they were being late

Those are what the commoners who attended the event had to say:
1. BlackPink was late so the event was postponed
2. The organizers kept apologizing to the journalists
3. The other journalists who had events to attend to boycotted and left the event
At first, BP arrived late, when BP arrived, Beckham didn't come up so the pissed off journalists boycotted the event and leftㅋㅋ

It's supposed to be Adidas' 70th anniversary event, but it was such a fail. For 30 minutes, nobody came on stageㅋ

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The pissed off journalists kept releasing articles

"BlackPink late, Beckham leaving the event"

"David Beckham "BlackPink stops the event because BlackPink is late"
"BlackPink's tardiness leaves the event empty"
"Beckham and the fans waiting for BlackPink... In the end, the event was empty"

"World star Beckham waiting for BlackPink for over 20 minutes!"
"BlackPink's tardiness, messed up David Beckham's schedule"
"David Beckham, for the fans because of BlackPink's tardiness~"

"David Beckham "Waited for BlackPink for 20 minutes"
"David Beckham leaves for a bit due to BlackPink's tardiness"

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1. [+561, -6]
Just imagine how they act on a normal basis that the journalists ended up so pissed against them? Usually celebrities who greet the journalists and treat them with manners wouldn't have the journalists that worked up for being late once

2. [+475, -5]
I bet the journalists were super pissed, just reading about what the commoners had to say about this event, they were talking about the organizers grabbing onto journalists who were leaving and apologizing to them. The journalists all had events they had to attend after this too, what would they do if they arrive this late?

3. [+381, ,-3]
Looks like the media united themselves

4. [+230, -0]
MBlaq's Mir said it onceㅋㅋㅋ If you catch the celebrity disease and start acting like a brat, you wouldn't only piss off the journalists, but you're turning the entire broadcasting industry and the PD and staffs against you. In the future, you won't be able to appear on any broadcast.. Once you regret, it's already too late

5. [+194, -0]
The people were all looking at Jennie and she wasn't apologizing but released a selfie instead so it makes me wonder if Jennie wanted to show off that she's annoyed by them? She also just released a selfie for her Instagram profileㅋㅋ  She's definitely knowingly showing off so seems like we need to swear at her a bit more for her to wake up


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