Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Being handsome and pretty is so important and this is just an undeniable truth

Just looking at female idols like Izone, they are a group who was made from a controversy. But they get shielded and protected by people using their prettiness as a reason. This time too, they were able to sell over 400K copies of their album. People even said that it was the best initial sales result for a girl group; hearing this really gave me a reality check..

Their fans even call people who are rationally criticizing the group "haters" and are beating down these people to death. It's my first time seeing a female idol group getting shield this much

Same for male idols. If they are handsome, even if they f*ck up 5 billion times, they will always get shielded and just go back to promoting with their group.

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1. [+138, -7]
It's not just idols. Even for commoners, being attractive helps you live a more comfortable life no? People need to spend time with you in order to know your personality and skills but if they don't know you, there's nothing else that will catch their sight besides your looks. Attractive people get treated more favorably, and being treated nicely will in return encourage them to have nicer personality, which in return will help them be better at human relationships. The modern society also seems to have strengthened the competition about looks

2. [+108, -12]
Agree.. nowadays, as long as you look good, money will just come in and you will never skip a meal..

3. [+87, -4]
It's not just the teens. Even when you become an adult, looks are super importantㅠ no matter how much you manage yourself, you'll never be up to par with those kids who were just born with it. But even so, you need to do your best so that you don't give a bad first impression

4. [+72, -3]
Nowadays, there's a post like this every day. It's so frustrating

5. [+63, -4]
But I think that this kind of thinking is a bit dangerous. Me too I'm fine with people managing their looks to some extent but I keep seeing posts like "I'm so jealous of pretty people" that these thoughts end up unconsciously fed into my head? There must be a lot of young kids who are reading these too but I think that having these thoughts to yourself is more healthy. Also, as I experience life, I personally don't think that being pretty is everything~

6. [+56, -5]
Looks aren't everything in your life seriously... I seriously think that people who are good at studying and who are talented are doing better than really really really pretty or handsome people. Also, until when are your looks gonna follow you? What's left once you get older? In the end, you'll realize that looks aren't anything special


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