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T/N: there are a lot of slangs/insides and missing pronouns in the post below, so there might be some trans errors, let us know in the comments if anything!

"My friend who didn't recognize Bangtan's Jungkook just sent him away
My friend saw them at a store in Geoje
Looks like they went to play there 2 days ago
My friend asked for an ID but they/he didn't have one so my friend just sent them away;;
I got this ka-talk and found it funny so I'm uploading this~~ㅋ"

The person that she follows on Instagram... Euk Misun, Bboong back dancer (?)

Comment: Is that JK's design?ㅋ
Girl: No, I'm drawing a new full moon ㅎㅎㅎ

"Title: The people were asking her if it was JK's. They said that the person who asked her was his manager.

Manager Bang Minwook..............."

"Title: What that person did after the CCTV was revealed
She changed the location of the picture that was originally 'Geoji'
She erased her comment mentioning 'JK'
제케 (Jeke) = JK"

"Comment: Is that JK's design?ㅋ
Girl: No, I'm drawing a new full moon ㅎㅎㅎ"
The comment left by the manager on her Instagram ㄷㄷㄷ

These pictures were released in the following chronological order:

1.  In the churros picture, there were no tattoos in between his fingers
2. In the picture where they are hugging, you can't see the tattoos
3. Today, in his airport picture, you the Army and the crown tattoos like in picture 1. The tatto below his thumb disappeared and the tattoos between his fingers and J appeared.

Conclusion: he did some retouching
Maybe he added the heart and J later on?

"My friend who doesn't know Bangtan said that she saw Jungkook at a guesthouse in Geoje, so I went to look it up with @anganggome..
Seriously, Jungkook signed the CD and the poster ㅠㅠ
I didn't know how to decorate the place so I decorated it like this
Friends, if you come play at Geoje, please go there
I'm crying thinking about how Jungkook had fun here TT_TT"

"The 1st floor: studio and party space" (T/N: showing that the design matches with the tweet above)

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1. [+414, -231]
This is irrefutable... wow

2. [+376, -118]
Jungkook's fans even went to ask Hash Swanㅋㅋㅋㅋ Hash Swan even had to clarify himself that it wasn't him in the pictureㅋㅋㅋㅋ this is irrefutable..

"Hash Swan: This is not me, I'm saying this because so many people were asking~"

3. [+304, -67]
The pictures are out... Looks like his Rolex watch was the same as the picture on Instagramㅎㅎ

4. [+266, -52]
The fans were trying to keep the witness accounts hush hush but looks like you didn't your their research wellㅎㅎ Jungkook's uncle has a company in Geoje and went to an eel restaurant with his family. He even shook hands with the company's workers and went to the guest house with his family. There were even witness photos that were uploaded about a week ago you f*ckers

5. [+148, -158]
Ah but I thought that everything was fake and didn't believe it but I was shocked to see that this was his exact outfit...

6. [+145, -18]
Why are you guys falling for this? Do you really believe this?

"- It's not Jungkook in the picture~ they are just acquaintances. I got so many DMs so it's hard for me to reply now ㅠㅠ also, I've never given him any tattoos ^^
- Ah ㅜㅜ sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for the reply!!
- It's nothing ^^"


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