Wednesday, January 16, 2019


The article from News1 basically talks about how Han Choim's outfit was seen as 'controversial' and received a ton of backlash while Han Hyejin was praised for her fashion sense and for looking "cool"

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1. What did Han Hyejin do wrong?  ㅠㅠ

2. Han Hyejin is freaking pretty

3. I saw that female MC trembling from the cold all the time and couldn't even MC properly, that's why she's getting hate no? If she MC'ed well, people would have complimented her for her bravery

4. She's getting hate because she chose to wear that outfit and came on the red carpet but couldn't even MC properly. She should've dressed up for the season and the occasion. Don't move away from the real issue

5. Why is this journalist bringing Han Hyejin into this ㅗㅗㅗ

6. But Han Hyejin's outfit looks like a dress while Han Choim's outfit looks like lingerie;;;; don't put them together

7. No but if Han Hyejin MC'ed with that outfit yesterday, she would've gotten the same hate

8. She kept saying that she as cold and she kept on sticking her body next to the attendees... Han Hyejin didn't wear that as an MC but as an attendee... don't start the hair pulling

9. Why bring Han Hyejin into this?.. to be honest, their dresses look different

10. Han Hyejin sure looks pretty


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