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t/n: the situation is better explained when putting both posts together!

"Jongin is the one who drew for Kamong cafe TT TT He's wearing a hot blanket on it TT TT Ah my brat is so cute TT TT Jongin is seriously a genius... <3"

Kai drew the Kamong cup design for his sister's cafe

"Are you f*cking kidding me --;"

"I'm contacting the cafe so that they stop using this image"
"This is the ex-illustrator/webtoon artist who gets plagiarized every year, this is my twitch"

"It's such a good thing that I screwed off being an illustrator seeing this, f*ck his mom f*cking b*tches"

People's responses on community websites were all about:
Although it's plagiarism, you shouldn't attack his family
Let's not get off-topic, why did Kai plagiarize?

(Basically saying that Kai received a "draft proposal" from the cafe and had no intentions to plagiarize, they also contacted each other (aka the business and the illustrator) and resolved the issue without need of a 3rd party.)

"Hello this is Kamong,
I would like to apologize for the trouble we've caused. Some clients have brought to our attention about the cup in question, and the production of this cup has been seized.

The design we used for this cup was from a draft proposal. This incident was started by Kamong and we will take the full responsibility for it. We will be more careful to offer tasty deserts and drinks in the future.
Once again, we apologize"

"There will be no need to ask for a 3rd party as the 2 parties have reached an agreement"

In the end, it was concluded that the artist (Kai) drew the drawing from a draft proposal

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1. I'm glad they resolved this cleanly. Anyways the facts are that the illustration was used as a reference, and they paid the license fee to use it as a reference, so that's what the parties have agreed on.

2. To the people who are obsessed with plagiarism issues, please take a look at this...ㅋㅋ  It's true that Jongin wasn't at fault in the end

3. Look at the people who were speculating about copyrights issuesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  The answer in the end is to stay still, if you dare to say anything, the boomerang will hit back at you

4. The parties involved resolved it, the singer himself wasn't part of the plagiarism

5. The point is that the singer wasn't at fault here and that it's a relief that they resolved this. I hope everyone who tried to spread hate posts get hit by the boomerang~~

6. So in the end the parties involved resolved it by themselves but the third party are the ones swearing...


Yesterday an illustrator started accusing Kai of plagiarism and there were lots of posts criticizing him on enter-talk, but his sister released a feedback today.
After the fact, we learned that
1. The original artist has drawn a cat holding a coffee cup some years ago
2. There were lots of people who kept copying his design again and again for years so the illustrator got pissed

There were so many people who used this cat and coffee picture that people eventually thought that this drawing was a "free source" and that the original illustrator agreed on this.

3. But recently, Kai drew a drawing for his sister's cafe's cup and there were people who started bringing up that it was similar to this cat coffee design
4. The illustrator learned about this from antis and started accusing Kai of plagiarizing his work
5. The illustrator said on Twitter that they have resolved the issue, and asked to stop requesting for a 3rd party interference but the antis took it off and continued to swear at Kai
6. Kai's nuna's coffee shop issued an apology and we discovered that the coffee shop's staff and Kai's sister were the ones who found the cat picture on the web and took it as a "reference" thinking that it was a free source picture and requested Kai to draw this design by using the picture as a "draft proposal"
7. Kai is known for his pretty drawings, so he agreed to draw for them. Kai's nickname is a bear so that's why he drew a bear for the coffee shop

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ㅇㅇ |2018.03.05 22:47 신고하기
Kai always draws bears and he's good at drawing them and the fans are always so happy seeing those but I'm scared that because of this incident, he'll stop drawing them.. My heart hurtsㅠㅠ This is Kai's drawing

ㅇㅇ |2018.03.05 22:34 신고하기
I can prove I'm another group's fanㅠㅜ The swearing this time is becoming oba... I think that this is fine so Kai's fans please don't don't be too upset ...!!
(proving she's a wannable)
ㅇㅇ |2018.03.05 23:05 신고하기
When this controversy started creating a mess yesterday, I already found it so weird that people were criticizing him because of some disposable cup, let's try to not get swayed that easily from now on 

ㅇㅇ |2018.03.05 22:41 신고하기
Kai was only contacted by the staff to draw that design, what wrong did he commit?


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