Monday, March 5, 2018

[PC stories/teen stories] MY DISLOYAL EX-BOYFRIEND

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I was together with my ex-boyfriend for 3 years before we broke up. 
Around a month before we broke up, I met new friends and attended camps and started to spend lesser time with him. 

He got upset and we had a huge argument — basically him asking me to choose between him or my new friends. 
Obviously i can’t choose but he was still being so stubborn, which made me lose feelings for him because he was so unreasonable. 
(just a fun fact(?): after we broke up, he texted me to return every single thing he bought me: perfume, soft toys and all the shirts he gave me. what a lad) 

One month after we broke up, he kept texting me saying he miss me and we should continue texting and be friends. 
But i was so done with his annoying ass and I just ignored him. 

Soon after all his “I miss you” messages, I found out that he had been cheating on me for the past 8 months. 
I logged in to his email(yes i know im not supposed to do that) and found all the emails from a dating site. All the emails are dated August 2016 and we broke up on April 2017. 

I was so angry but I went to log in to the website itself to see if it was really him. 
I read all the messages between him and the other girls, and he even wanted to have sex/sext them. 
Oh boy, it’s not like I wasn’t giving him any. 

The worst thing is that the girl he was talking to knows that he has a girlfriend. 
Not only that, he went back to talking to girls after we broke up, claiming that I cheated on him just because I met new friends and I was close to so many people at that time, not just a particular guy. 

I felt so so so gullible, believing all his lies and we even went overseas together. 
He planned everything out so nicely. 
He told me he was going to play video games with his brother, but he was sexting another girl during that period. 
He hid everything so nicely. 
I wasn’t allowed to use his phone without his permission or unless he was looking. 
(I should’ve suspected back then) 

Finding out that he was cheating really impacted me a lot and made me think if i’m even good enough for anyone. 
I’m thankful that i found someone that treats me so much better than he did. I moved on very fast because there’s no need for me to cry over his lying ass.

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