Wednesday, July 25, 2018


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The members' respective companies have met with Swings in order to consider extending their contract by 1 month instead of ending it on December 31st

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1. [+1810. -340]
I wish they could receive their awards during year end together

2. [+893, -244]
I know it's only 1 additional month, but this is like extending it an extra year to the fans. Please don't only take the profit you can gain into account and think of the fans first

3. [+685, -75]
I'm not a Wanna One fan, but I was part of the national producers voting for the show, I hope that Wanna One will be able to gather all the awards that are due to them 

4. [+545, -68]
Let's receive the awards all together ;;;;; For real 

5. [+463, -139]
I know I sound greedy, but I just want to see them together a bit longer

6. [+199, -20]
I seriously hate CJ. Don't they know that if they choose to release articles like that, but in the end, it doesn't pan out, the first member who decides to promote will receive all the hate? They should've just stick with what they promised us from the beginning and kept that plan. It's normal that they should be preparing for their new promotions by that time, but because of CJ, the members are put in a situation where they can't do anything. They're basically trapped

7. [+207, -49]
There are no other male idols who've hit as daebak as them right off their debut. Let's stay together until February to receive the awards together at Gaon

8. [+161, -9]
To some extent, there's a part of me who wishes for Wanna One members to just go their own directions and do what they actually were meant to do. I love all of the 11 members. I'll still remain a Wannable

9. [+156, -29]
The ones who are greedy here aren't the members' respective companies, but CJ. They don't take the members into consideration at all and they're just doing this for the profit. Let's just stick to the original contract

10. [+127, -15]
1 month isn't even enough for them to release a new album and promote anyways, they're just doing this for the sake of showing their faces all together when they receive their awards at the ceremonies, so I don't think that they're making the members sacrifice their individual plans. We don't even know their dates for the last concerts yet. 


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